We Heart Paper logo by Ashleigh Brennan — typography extraordinaire.
• Exhibition • 3D Paper Sculpture •
The (Paper) Idea
In the beginning there was a word, and the word was paper. The We Heart Collective is the brain child of Dominique Falla, who in the midst of a gold-tinged brain explosion decided to bring together some of the people who shared her love of paper in a unique group exhibition: the We Heart Paper exhibition, was held in February 2011, and from there, the idea of a We Heart Collective took off.
For the ten women involved in the We Heart Paper exhibition, paper is a treasure, a rich medium with its own life and unique characteristics. From the somatic to the olfactory we are all guilty of overt displays of paper affection. Through We Heart Paper we can share this perspective with others.
We have now grown to a collective of 14 women and have regular exhibitions, inspired by various things we ‘Heart’.

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