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Website Design
As a part of the The Lion Richlands rebrand project, I was responsible for developing a new website layout that embodied the new brand direction. The layout was designed from scratch and developed closely with the client. Placeholder imagery was used in the first instance and would later be replaced with customised photography and videography elements. The approved design was handed over to The Lion Richlands’ IT partner (Xtreme IT) for the final website build to take place with their developers. Positive feedback was received from both the client and the developers regarding the new website design, which made my day. Included are two ‘flat’ layout mockup examples.
Photography was crucial to telling the story of The Lion Richlands. Significant time was spent collating both a library of stock imagery and executing a styled photoshoot complete with videography, to cater for the brand’s specific needs.
Gala Night
To celebrate the launch of The Lion Richlands rebrand and renovation completion, a lavish gala night dinner was held. I received a personal invitation from The Lion Richlands Marketing Manager, Troy Sorrensen, to attend the event — which meant a lot to me as a designer, it was incredible to see everything come together at the club. Included are some photos of the night and the array of entertainment showcased, courtesy of The Lion Richlands Facebook page.
Style Guide
After all elements of The Lion Richlands brand were officially approved, I was responsible for putting together a detailed style guide to document the brand. Below is a small snapshot of the spreads included in the final outcome.

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