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The Bright Bodies website was created via tweaking an existing WordPress template to suit the client’s needs. I was responsible for implementing all elements of the site, this included assisting the Creative Director with client content submission requirements, through to liaising with Energize Design’s development partner (Website Essentials) for WooCommerce shopping cart requirements and any additional development needs.
Online Presence
Once the new Bright Bodies website was completed, I was also responsible for providing educational documentation to the client. This information, along with an in studio ‘how to’ session, allowed the client to update and maintain the blog content by themselves. In addition to regular blog posts, Bright Bodies employed free downloadable giveaways as a means of expanding their MailChimp database. I was responsible for integrating a MailChimp signup form with the website to allow this, along with eDM template creation within MailChimp to deliver the free downloads.
Layout Development
While Bright Bodies offers a clinic consultation service as its primary function, the brand also decided to expand into pdf nutrition guides available for purchase through their website. In conjunction with the Creative Director, David Devey, I was responsible for developing a magazine style layout to showcase the client’s wealth of healthy lifestyle knowledge. It wasn’t long before the ‘Body Project’ series grew to fill gluten free requirements and they introduced their Kick Start plan. The Kitchen Makeover was designed as their free giveaway to generate interest, whilst providing useful information and educating potential clients in a positive way.

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