Product Design

Silver Prize 2008
Southern Cross Packaging Awards
Brief G: Innovative Food or Beverage Pack for In-Car Consumption.

Pakman is a resealable burger pack designed to enhance the in-car dining experience. It allows you to hold your burger in the traditional burger position. Instead of the drippings seeping through the soggy paper wrapper when you set it down, they are caught in the plastic casing — not your lap. The sturdy polypropylene construction, which is also microwavable and recyclable, means that the consumer can not only eat directly from the Pakman, they can store or reheat if necessary. In addition to keeping your hands and clothing clean, the Pakman’s invertible design means that once your burger falls below the height of the larger lip, you simply flip the pack to access the remainder of your meal. Not to mention make the most of those drippings caught in the bottom!


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