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Event Branding

As a University brief, in groups we were asked to develop a visual identity for the Matrix Annual Charity Golf Day 2008. We were required to create a proposal that encompassed not only the tactile design elements for the day, but also set the tone and mood for the whole event. The final outcome needed to generate interest in the Hear and Say Centre, successfully maximise the charity’s returns and minimise their expenses. To encourage sponsorship on the day, the overall feel needed to incorporate a strong sense of fun and playfulness, while simultaneously drawing on the sponsors’ conscience. To demonstrate this, our proposal included tangible applications such as letterheads, invitations, posters, brochures, spiral bound programs and website layout, in addition to interactive activities for the day.

Participants and sponsors of the Golf Day are predominantly from different sectors of the trade and business world. These corporate identities are responsible for raising the funds that will ultimately help more children at the Gold Coast Hear and Say Centre experience the wonders of sound. Sponsors of the day are given the opportunity to socialise and develop a network of external relationships. The feel good connotations associated with giving to a worthy cause also left the sponsors in good stead with their clients.

Branding for the Golf Day needed to reflect the Hear and Say Centre’s vision, whilst still appealing to the sponsors. To encompass these two facets, our group developed the slogan ‘Driving Dreams’. We used this as our mantra throughout the entire brand development process. It draws a link between the nature of the Golf Day and the service that the Hear and Say Centre provides. The primary branding element, commonly referred to as the rainbow swoosh, visually mirrors this theme. The rainbow swoosh forms positive connotations and illustrates growth, as well as the desire to achieve a set goal. We also suggested that the day have a dress up theme, ‘Your Dream Job When You Were a Child’. This tied in with the slogan, the rainbow swoosh, the business world and the idea of growth. Carrying the ‘Driving Dreams’ flavour through every aspect of the theme meant that potential sponsors would be able to create a connection with the Hear and Say Centre.

The Chosen Ones

Group members: Amanda Jarvinen, Bonney Hargreaves and Katelyn Hankinson (me).

Initially, our group of three was one of several pitching to the event organiser, Jen Worthington from the Hear and Say Centre. Fortunately for us, we were chosen to have our brand concept used for the actual event!

My Role in the Group

Within the group dynamic, it soon became apparent that my keen eye for detail was best suited to quality control. I was responsible for ensuring that the outcomes produced by all three of the group members were consistent. After our group proposal was selected by the Hear and Say Centre to be used for the event, I was then elected to carry the project through to the final print outcomes.

Hear and Say Centre

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